A Liquor Store Love Story?

Yup, you heard  right.

Pacific Fruit & Produce Co. office staff employees, Casper. Photo courtesy of the American Heritage Center, Laramie, WY.

Urban Bottle, Casper 2016.

© Urban Bottle, 2016



In the very beginning years (actually, 1890) before Urban Bottle was even a whisper in the wind, a brave young man named George Youell began selling fruit from a horse-drawn cart. With time, Youell's country-style business evolved into a global brand, eventually becoming what we now know as Food Services of America.


The connection between Youell's fledgling empire and Urban Bottle? The eccentric, authentic building that is now Urban Bottle is steeped in history as it was an offspring of the original 1890's fruit-cart. Located in Casper, Wyoming's up-and-coming, historical Old Yellowstone District, a walk through Urban Bottle will provide viewers with the homage paid to the original 'Old Pacific Fruit + Warehouse Co.' that was a long-standing staple to travelers and Casper residents.


The origins of this incredible space were all thanks to Youell and his commitment to going above and beyond the norm and providing his family, friends and community with the best of the best. Thanks to Urban Bottle owners Art & Lynette Boatright and John & Lauren Griffith, Youell's passion and spark for community will live on in the form of Urban Bottle.


So come give Urban Bottle a visit and see what we're about. We'll take a break from our pursuits of keeping tradition alive and well to share a conversation, story or laugh with you. If that isn't a love story, we don't know what is.